If you are looking for GIA diamonds, big or small, round or not, you’re in the right place! With Excellent Diamonds, buying goods online is easy.

On this website, you can

( 1 ) View live inventory; all stock is being updated in real time

( 2 ) Hold or request goods on memo and

( 3 ) Confirm your purchase. It’s just THAT simple.

Excellent Grading System

Supplying to Excellent Diamonds

Precision in Grading

The Excellent grading is synonymous to utmost accuracy and faultlessness. While diamond grading is entirely subjective, our in house grading standards have become a language – a universal code for diamond merchants all over the world. Through maintaining these standards, we assure you the best deals; where you know exactly what you’re buying even if it is being confirmed online.

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Working with us is so easy and quick, you’ll want to keep coming back. If you have identified and selected goods of your choice, consider the deal done. Once confirmed, you need not worry about your goods–they’re ready for collection. Our team possesses excellent communication skills, in a variety of languages such as Hindi, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Gujarati and more! With our simple policy and prices, we can provide speedy service of the highest quality.

One Stop Shop

We carry goods for all that you are looking for, from pointers to supreme sized stones, certified and non certified in all shapes. We specialise in one carat brilliant round white diamonds, but if you have a specific demand, send it our way. We can have it arranged.


Given our presence in the industry for long, we have established great connections. Our realm of influence allows us to work globally with absolute ease. We are happy to accomodate shipping and deliveries to various parts of the world provided that it complies with said country’s customs and import laws. Ask us where!


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Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair

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