Are your diamonds 100% natural?

Every loose diamond in our Diamond Search is 100% natural and is accompanied with a full Diamond Report. Additionally, none of the diamonds in our jewelry or rings has been treated or enhanced in any way.

Where do your diamonds come from?

We source diamonds from all over the world. Our suppliers also comply with the United Nations Kimberley Process regulations. This way we can proudly confirm that all our stones are conflict free.

How can I gain access to your inventory and view your stock?

You have to first register as a user. Quick registration allows you to view our stock with limited access. We will grant your account more rights upon verification. Alternatively, you may opt to fill out the full registration form, which will allow you to log in, purchase, request consignments and confirm via the website.

What is your pricing and discount policy?

For all our 1 carat and up stones, we have a flat 2 rapt points off policy, with some web specials from time to time. Please note that this -2% does not apply to smaller stones. Should there be any changes you will be notified before confirming stones.
>> This two points off and web discount is not applicable to web offers

Is there room for further price negotiation on the goods?

Prices for one carat up stones are marked with our regular two points down policy, but clients are welcome to make offers. Additionally, there is no room for any negotiation for pointers or CGL goods. All other offers can be taken up directly to your sales representative at Excellent Diamonds Hong Kong Ltd.

Can I get images, videos or consultation for making a purchase?

We want you to know exactly what it is that you are buying; hence, yes, we will try to answer all your questions to our best abilities. Images and videos are also available along the media files in the stock grid. If you happen to stumble upon a missing photo or video, feel free to get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

What are the terms of payment?

We follow a simple Cash On Delivery (COD) policy. Kindly make a bank payment (cash deposit or transfer) prior to goods collection.

How do I access Excellent Diamonds’ merchandise on RapNet?

Our RapNet ID is:

Can I hold this/these good(s)?

Upon account verification you are entitled to holding a maximum of five 1 cts+ stones for up to six hours. Ideally, this would be enough time. Should you need longer to make up your mind, you may promptly renew your held stock. Furthermore, if you need to hold more goods for a longer period of time, kindly get in touch with your sales representative. Please bear in mind that Excellent Diamonds is entitled to rejecting any hold requests, and we reserve the right to sell held stock. Please hold responsibly and respect our good and business.

Can I confirm/reject good upon inspection at my office?

No. We do not allow confirmed goods to be brought back. If need be, you may make a memo request. We may ask you to make a cash deposit -- which is 100% refundable provided consigned goods are returned in a timely manner.

Can an offer be withdrawn once it has been made?

No. Once an offer has been made, it is binding. If the offer is accepted by the company, you are obligated to buy because we value your word and you should too. Additionally, the once confirmed are considered sold policy complies.


Can I make a payment from another company?

Due to security reasons, we will not accept payments coming from a third-party bank account. The payment should be made from the buyer’s (according to invoice) business or personal account.

What are my payment options?

At Excellent Diamonds, we accept all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, you may also write us a cheque, we have accounts in all major banks.

Where do I direct my payments?

Excellent Diamonds Ltd.

Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd. Bank of China (HK) Ltd. DBS Bank (HK) Ltd.
Swift Code: HASEHKHH Swift Code: SCBLHKHHXXX Swift Code: BKCHHKHH Swift Code: DHBKHKHH
Bank Code: 024 Bank Code: 003 Bank Code: 012 Bank Code: 016
USD A/C: 228-737672-222 USD A/C: 413-0-036607-0 USD A/C: 012-791-08016154 USD A/C: 47-0204591
HKD A/C: 228-708269-001 HKD A/C: 413-0-034735-7 HKD A/C: 012-791-00070844 HKD A/C: 47-2472712

Alternatively for amounts under US$ xxx you can make a cash payment upon collection of goods at the Excellent Diamonds office.

Will I be required to pay any hidden charges/fees or taxes?

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Is shopping at Excellent Diamonds secure?

Yes, we use thoroughly encrypted and secure platforms for electronic payments.

Is my information going to be shared with third parties?

No. Your sensitive information will never be stored or be recycled. Additionally, all your personal information such as name and contact information will be confidential and inaccessible by outsiders.


Do you provide delivery globally?

We provide delivery to majority places. Upon confirmation, please get in touch with your representative directly to make sure where you want the goods to be sent. Additionally, Excellent Diamonds Hong Kong Ltd, does not, and will not deliver goods to a host which has strict regulation against diamond import. In the case of declaration charges or any import duties, the client will be required to imburse.

What are my payment options?

If the order is to be shipped outside the state of the HKSAR, then yes. Client bears all associated shipping charges.

Should you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us at

or directly through your sales representative.