Excellent Diamonds deals in the world’s finest round and fancy diamonds. More than 70 % of our rounds are judged triple EX for excellence in cut, polish and symmetry. Through our commitment to the highest standards, we deal in exclusive solitaires that range from 0.30 to 50.00 carats, from D to Z and Fancy colours, and from FL to I1 clarities certified by GIA, HRD, IGI and CGL. Excellent Diamonds is well known for its volume, variety and consistency of supply. We have successfully retained the title of being a leading supplier for companies globally.


Excellent Diamonds Ltd. strives to attain absolute excellence in all parameters and to be THE preferred Diamantaire in the world by implementing our 5 Ps:

Principles: Honest and ethical business practices are the core fundamental values at Excellent Diamonds Ltd.

Passion: Driven by the passion we have towards our products, our industry and our clients.

Partnership: Innovation is the mantra that permeates our group’s ethos

Performance: Performing to our greatest abilities, on every level of the hierarchy,

This is paramount to our continued existence and our accomplishments speak for themselves.


We constantly lead ourselves to appraise our performance and expectation, to consistently innovate and integrate the business value chain in order to provide our customers the highest level of quality through our products and services.

Excellent Diamonds continually motivates & trains all its employees to providing its Value Added Services to the members.

Something that we call “The Excellent Experience”.


Embracing our vision and values will strengthen our brand and make our customers as proud to buy diamonds from us as we are to sell them.

Excellent Diamonds continually motivates & trains all its employees to providing its Value Added Services to the members.

Team work:

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". Our highly qualified team enables us to wholesale diamonds with utmost professionalism.

We have best quality diamonds for sale, if you would like to have more knowledge about diamonds for sale, our team will assist you at every stage and make your experience world class.

Customer services:

"Our focus is making customer relations, sales may follow". This has always been our motto, and is the reason for our impeccable reputation in the industry.

We are proud to provide express services to our customer. Our marketing team is known for its prompt follow up and consistent understanding of customer requirement. Our trained workforce helps us meet customer expectation well in time.

Excellent Diamonds Grading System (EGS):

The Excellent Diamonds Grading System is a proprietary tool for describing diamonds in precise detail. We measure twenty aspects of each stone and carefully grade each against exact standards and sets of reference gems. The result is a unique report for each diamond and a transparent, logical rationale for its price.

Deeper than traditional measures of cut, color, clarity and carats, and more sophisticated than comparable certifications, the Excellent Diamonds Grading System® (EGS®) expresses everything we see when we set our expert eyes on a stone and ensures our customers know, in-depth, exactly what they are purchasing, even if they are not holding the stone in their hands. In addition to helping buyers understand the value of a stone by clearly showing the size and location of every inclusion, the Excellent Diamonds Grading System® (EGS®) helps jewelers find the right diamonds for their designs. The knowledge that Excellent Diamonds provides in these and many other instances is an essential component of the trust our customers place in us.