Your trusted supplier of triple excellent diamonds today, tomorrow and always.

All of our products are natural and 100% ethical to our best knowledge. Built from the ground up, we understand the value of gaining your trust and being reliable. That’s why we are your go to for when you have any demands. Although Excellent Diamonds is a local market monopoly for 1 carat round diamonds, our inventory is very diversified. Chances are, whatever you need—we have it. We hold all kinds of goods including fancy shapes, plus sizes, star, melle and other non-certified goods.


Excellent Diamonds Ltd., formerly known as Venus Jewels was born in early 2000 when the founder: Mr Hamesh Bhagchand Seth made his first independent trade. Today, Excellent Diamonds is a leading supplier of certified and non-certified loose diamonds in Hong Kong. We carry the most extensive collection of GIA certified stones in the Far East, with carat size diamonds being our niche. Our stock of Triple Excellent diamonds is unmatched anywhere in Hong Kong and China, as are our prices.

Over the years, our company has evolved, mainly through expansion from a small startup business to a large multinational diamond (and jewelry) wholesale company. Excellent Diamonds’ growth has continued in virtue of its three driving forces:

  1. Commitment to the industry, the customers and to honesty
  2. Clear mission and vision, and direction to achieve these goals
  3. Unmatched, excellent quality of both products and service


From a small workspace of 250 sqft. in 2000, the company now works in a significantly larger office of 5, 500 sqft. This transition has also brought along a loyal and hardworking team of about 30 employees from an initial number of just two. At Excellent Diamonds, the employees are highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about the trade and the market. Just like our diamonds, our employees are Excellent too; here to provide you service of the highest quality by making honesty and teamwork our prime strengths.